Now what? What would you do if you won a million dollars in the lottery? Never mind how your chances of winning are maybe a little higher than being abducted by aliens.

But even so – winning the lottery is a favorite daydream for a lot of us. Especially when it gets to a huge outrageous amount – usually that’s when we buy the tickets (knowing full well that our odds just decreased!) So what would you do?

Would you use the money to buy a new car, HD/3D TV and lots of other toys, or would you use the money to pay off your mortgage, pay off your best friend’s mortgage, and send your kids to college?

In lots of ways, winning a jackpot of money molds itself to your personality, and makes you more like you are. If you are immature and prone to overspending, that’s what you’ll do. If you are inclined to take care of others, you’ll use your money in that direction. And if you are insecure about finances, you may be frozen in your tracks, and live in constant fear of losing what you have.

lady_compI find that more and more women are taking charge of their finances and using their money to follow their passions, embark on new adventures, support causes they believe in, and truly want to live their life to the fullest. More women than men are starting their own businesses, or exploring new careers; they donate to charity, and are really motivated to teach the next generation of young kids the tools for financial success. In fact a lot of my clients are single mothers – when they empower their own lives – they are teaching their kids a great lesson of tenacity, self-worth, and life skills. It truly is paying it forward!

So what’s the secret? Well they know that wealth is a state of mind. The more comfortable you are with the idea of having money, and the more knowledgeable you are about managing it wisely, the greater possibility that you will be prosperous all through your life. To protect and increase your wealth and safeguard your financial future, you must fully understand not only what you value in life, but uncover your true values and discover what you hope to accomplish.

Ask yourself right now;

“What does money means to me? What am I looking for in my life?”

Money is a tool to help you achieve what you want, not an end in itself.

Being grateful is its own reward-if you value what you have, you’ll always feel as though what you have is enough. That is definitely something to be thankful for!

chest_smallI would love for you to leave a comment of what you would do if you had a windfall of a million dollars…let’s start a conversation!  

 What would you do…..?

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