Why Extended Health and Dental Benefit Coverage?

pills2Let’s face it – most companies now a days don’t have a health plan for their employees. If you’re one of the millions of Canadians that don’t then you are vulnerable to healthcare expenses not covered by your provincial plan.

The government is always assessing healthcare funding; they reduce coverage for some healthcare services and cease to provide others. This means that more and more responsibility is placed on you, as an individual, to pay for routine and unexpected health-related services.

Here’s the deal – for a few dollars a day, you can get health insurance that offers you a unique combination of health benefits that provide both you and your family with coverage.

dentistI love this plan because you choose what level and what type of coverage you want; prescription drug coverage, dental services, or a combination of both, whatever is the best fit that will meet your needs and those of your family. It’s specially designed to provide flexibility and choice, allowing you to select the plan and level of coverage according to your current and future needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

You may not need all the bells and whistles of a Chamber Plan or an Association Plan. (And a lot of times – I can get you the same coverage – for a lot less money – and I’m all about saving you money!)

Having coverage gives you peace-of-mind; you know that you’re covered for both the routine and the unexpected expenses that may occur due to accident or illness.

Get the right information – I am a Certified Health Specialist (CHS) and I can match the plan that is the best fit for you.

The need for supplemental health insuranceOptometrist
  • The average household spent $1616 out-of-pocket on health care expenses in 2010
  • About 1 in 3 have gone without needed health care because of insufficient coverage (those with lower levels of income, women, self-employed and younger respondents age 18-34)
  • Group plans may not provide enough health coverage
  • 62% of employers do not provide retiree benefits

Source:Statistics Canada, Average Household Spending: Health Care 2010
Ipsos Reid Survey, Supplementary Health Benefits Research, June 2012.

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