Small Business Group Medical & Dental Plans

Did you know that 50% of Canadians do not have supplemental health coverage?*

15% of all Canadian Workers are small business owners…. and 4 million Canadians work for small companies.*

Only 19% of Canadian Businesses with 5 or fewer employees have a group benefit plan*

*source: CLHIA/National Forum on Health

If you are a business owner there are many reasons to set up a benefits program for your employees – but the main one is really simple – it’s a good thing to do for your workers!

I think most companies goals are to make sure that they are taking care of the other aspects of their employee’s lives. – things that they cannot do just by paying their salary, but being able to make sure that they could help their employees if they become disabled for some reason or their families were taken care of.

Plans can include extended health and dental, long and short term disability and life insurance. They can be custom built to the employers and employees needs. The employers can pay as little as 50% of the premiums and the employee covers the rest to some employers covering 100% of the cost.

In a competitive job market, potential employees look at everything an employer offers. If salaries are comparable, they may decide to go based on the benefits.

The concept of ‘wellness’ is more prevalent in the workplace today. If you can keep your employees healthy, if you can add to their quality of life, then you are going to reduce time off from work.

There are tax advantages;

Premiums that are paid on behalf of employees are tax-deductible for the employer and are considered a non-taxable benefit for employees.
Self-employed individuals may be able to deduct premiums as a business expense.
Other individuals may include health and dental coverage as part of other medical expenses when calculating tax credits.

If you are self-employed or a small business owner or you are an employee who is not offered any benefits from your employer – I can help!

I have found that most people who do not have coverage – want coverage. I can build a benefit package that is tailored to your needs and your budget.

Here is some information on one of the Group Plans available:

Manulife group plan

(*Note: Group plans can be tailored to your needs…contact me for more information!)

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