Dollar signRegardless of your net worth – there is probably something you would like to change about your relationship to money. Maybe you have a significant nest egg set up but you are still worrying about having enough for the future.

Maybe you are struggling with the basics of financial management, your bank balances or the amount of savings and assets you’ve accumulated. Based on financial books, TV shows or financial advice from the bank or a Financial Planner; you are not on track for any kind of retirement!

Well guess what? Welcome to 96% of the population, you’re normal!

When it comes to money most of us have experienced;

– Feelings of anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, and embarrassment.

– Endless wants or the feelings that we will never have enough money to be happy.

– Frustration with a spouse or family member regarding their spending habits.

– The belief that finances are beyond our control.

There is no denying that it is easier to be rich than poor. But without exception it makes little difference what people’s outer life circumstances are, everyone struggles with some aspect of their relationship to money. The darkest emotions instigated by money often have nothing to do with fact-based security. Many can live on $20,000 a year and have no fear, while others who have millions worry.

For many of us, no matter which generation we came from or what we believe about money, rich or poor, we tend to feel that there can never be enough.

We crave more money, material possessions or investment success even when our financial needs don’t warrant it. We might be aware that we are caught up in our desires but we feel powerless to do anything about it.

Many people find themselves in a pattern of money regardless of whose advice they follow or how much time goes by. Old habits can die hard; the person who feels poor and makes decisions from penny pinching mindset remains thrifty and careful to the point of withdrawal and denial.

Businesswoman fighting about the moneyAfter 16 years in the financial services, I can tell you that it’s not about the money. Yet the message that society communicates is that it is about the money – the more you have will bring about the freedom to stop worrying and enjoy life. If that was true, why do so many people remain stuck in the same financial predicament even though they have tried everything they know to get ahead?

I think that the main reason we get stuck and unhappy is because the traditional ways we have been taught to deal with money just don’t work because they don’t address the underlying issues of our money beliefs and mindset. We are all smart, we know if we make more, spend less, save more and think positive thoughts, we will create the abundance that we want or find the perfect career.

Financially we will set goals, create budgets, put all the insurance in place, write wills and invest in a certain way. These are all important but they are not enough. Why not? Well because we approach the money problem from the outside in – rather than the inside out.

Whether we are savers, spenders or give it all away, we will repeat our ineffective behaviour patterns with money because we are accustomed to specific states of being where money is concerned.

We are used to a certain level of anxiety or calm, craving or avoidance, security or abundance.

No matter what changes occurs in our outer circumstances the unconscious mind if it remains unexamined, untrained and unconnected to our spirit, it will create those old familiar circumstances in our financial life.

We are unknowingly sabotaging our own lives. We don’t do it on purpose, because we don’t even know we are doing it! My practice as a financial advisor changed 8 years ago to include not only product information but a true money advisor, mindset coach, and counselor to help you uncover your blocks that are stopping you from becoming successful.

Why? It’s not just about the money. I am asked by many to give them the hot new tip or strategy to get ahead financially. My question to them and you is; “What do you want?” From there we can build a plan and uncover the obstacles and money beliefs that have stopped you so far.

Frau in HamsterradIf you feel like a hamster in a wheel, spinning around and around and not getting to where you want, there is help. I know, I was that hamster, going nowhere fast, with no idea of how to get out of the downward spiral that I felt I was in. I changed my life around and I can help you too.

If you would like a free session with me got to:

You deserve to live your dreams, you were meant to, and I will help you!



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