Join us Saturday March 31, 2012 for…

‘Uncommon Sense – What Women Business Owners Should Do – But Don’t!’

(…when it comes to their money and their business!)

In our experience the reason most businesses fail is for 2 reasons; not enough customers and not enough money. Did you know that in business 5% is marketing and the other 95% is really dependent on your relationship to money?

Here’s our top 12 reasons why women entrepreneurs struggle with money:

1. Underestimate the importance of cash flow.

2. Underestimate costs.

3. Overestimate revenue.

4. Don’t understand your break-even point.

5. Don’t keep proper financial records. (Shoe boxes don’t count!)

6. Charge too little for your time, products and/or services.

7. Fear of raising prices. (Losing price-sensitive customers isn’t always a bad thing!)

8. Putting off asking for the order/sale.

9. Undercapitalizing the business at the start.

10. Ignoring the powerful potential of having a mentor or a coach.

11. Trying to do things on the cheap, IE: clunky websites, do it yourself accounting and doing everything yourself!

12. Not focusing on your core business challenges – driving yourself and everyone crazy by always chasing after the next shiny object. No goals.

If a couple of these resonated with you –

We’ve got answers to these money challenges!

I know that you’re a smart woman with a vision; you’re working hard – on and in your own business. The question is; are your dreams matching your results? Have you created the success that you had hoped for?

Consider this:  Your life right now is perfectly structured to create the results you already have, and it’s not structured to create that amazing vision of yours.  If it were, you’d already have it!

Success is predictable. Are you set up for success in your business?  

It’s a fact that 80% of new businesses close down or disappear within the first 2 years of start-up. Yet at the same time, thousands of businesses succeed.

Now, more than ever, small business owners need to take a good look at the fundamentals of their businesses, and understand how they can improve performance, strip out any unnecessary costs and focus on the right strategy to survive and take their businesses forward.  By identifying which areas require immediate attention business owners can prioritize their efforts.

To run a successful business there are key essential

steps that you need to take with your money.

Poor control of operating costs and internal management of your money is the #2 reason for business failure. (#1 is no customers!)

Entrepreneurs are not born; they are built through constant study and determination. Every small business owner goes through difficult periods. It’s during difficult times that you need to focus on the positive and keep your optimism working.

The main purpose of a business is to earn a profit through attracting and keeping customers. Profits are a measure of how well the company is fulfilling its purpose. Profits pay for everything; Wages, investments in new products, processes, research development, taxes, and all the constructive things that a company can do to serve its customers.

Your ability to make your company more successful and impact the profitability of your company is the critical determination of your long term success.

Did you start your own business to have all the freedom, flexibility, fulfillment, family-time, and fun that life has to offer?  Or are you compromising the things you value the most because you’re not working with enough of the right customers,  you’re having problems keeping yourself accountable, sales are down, or you just don’t have much free time to breathe.

Join us Saturday March 31, 2012 for…

‘Uncommon Sense – What Women Business Owners

 Should Do – But Don’t!’

In this workshop, you will learn;

  • The importance of cash flow.

  • How to estimate your costs and revenue

  • Simple daily steps you need to take to achieve your goals

  • How to read and understand your financial statements

  • Tips on how to keep proper financial records (Shoe boxes don’t count!)

  • Discover how to charge what your worth and ask for the money!

  • Reveal the power of having a mentor or a coach.

  • Tax strategies that can save you and your business money


April Corbett – Mortgage Manager and the Creator/Facilitator of;

Healthy Credit Workshops

April will reveal;

  • Why you need to understand Credit Reports

  • The many factors that contribute to your credit worthiness

  • How your money habits will affect your report

April Corbett is a Licensed Mortgage Professional with Verico Select Mortgages.

Check out her website at


 Our Goal; is to help you build a stable, more successful

business by making  sure that you have a solid foundation.

We’ll give you the tools to strengthen your relationship with money in your business – one step at a time!

In addition:

When you register you’ll get a pre-workshop package and a chance to submit your

Top 3 Money Challenges  that you’re facing right now!

We’ll address those challenges throughout the workshop.

You’ll have your own personal business money mentors for 4 hours!


You’ll walk away saying;

“I wish I knew this when I started my business!”

Well – it’s never too late, and we’ll show you how.

 Tuition: $497

Early Booking Bonus:

$50 saving if you book before March 15th!

Where: Vancouver Island Conference Centre

When: Saturday March 31, 2012

Time: 9:00 am – 1 pm

(registration starts at 8:30 am)


Shari Molchan has been a financial advisor since 1997 and has run her own successful business for the last 6 ½ years. She brings management, leadership and planning skills that are essential to the success of your business from 30 years of experience from different roles, positions and responsibilities. She helps her clients with their financial challenges – which ultimately can hold them back in all areas of their lives.


Louise Kellow earned her Chartered Accountant designation in 2004.  She has over 20 years of accounting, tax and bookkeeping experience.  She is a business advisor with MNP LLP.   Louise works with her clients to understand their unique business needs and challenges.  Through this understanding she helps her clients reach the business decisions that are right for their business.


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