“Things do not change – we do.”

I love this quote from Henry David Thoreau. Why is it that so many women today find themselves feeling limited and afraid to take action?

One of the main reasons I see (and I know from my own experience!) is that they are living by their old beliefs and ideas that keep them in poverty (lack) instead of being successful.

Most of those beliefs are unconscious and you don’t realize how they  are controling your current situation.

Here are a few tips to help you start to move out of a place of scarcity and into one of abundance and be empowered with money:

Be aware of what you are thinking. Our thoughts create emotion and our emotions dictate our actions. So the emotions are dictating the actions to spend, not save, and be careless with your money. The more you understand that knowledge is power – the more you understand the power you have.

Be in financial integrity. Is your cheque book balanced? Are your bills paid on time? You need to be honest with yourself and do an evaluation to assess your true financial integrity. When fear takes over, then you may you need to get help with your money. Too many fear the shame and guilt of asking for help – let me be really frank here, it sometimes takes a lot of courage to ask for help, but in the long run it will be easier than staying stuck.


Be willing to receive. As women we need to make a habit of consciously practicing our ability to receive; a compliment, a gift, a smile. We often make excuses when someone acknowledges an accomplishment. “You look great today, new outfit? – Oh this old thing….” If we start with the little things then when we are offered a new job or an opportunity you will be more receptive to receive it. So learn to receive and give genuine thanks.

Be willing to give thanks. Gratitude expands love and love expands receptiveness. It is an opening to abundance, harmony and freedom. Keep a gratitude journal and write down daily thoughts of gratitude. This practice alone will change your life….


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