The Purpose of Money and Living on Purpose!

I believe that we have to live our lives on purpose, and that we have to resolve our barriers to money, wealth and financial abundance. What do I mean by that?

Prosperity ConceptFirst I want to use the word ‘Prosperity’ –because it can be used to describe; wealth, riches, success, affluence, or fortune – whichever one is the best fit for you – use that definition. Prosperity means different things to different people – it is a sense of happiness that comes from within.

What I have found is that underneath every person’s vision, dreams and goals is an essential core: a common desire for fulfillment.

What is the difference between prosperity and fulfillment? Prosperity is inclined to be measured mainly by ideals, criteria and standards outside of ourselves – while fulfillment is measured within. No one can dream fulfilled except you. However the world, with its objective yardsticks, can and does judge you as successful if you measure up to its standards.

If the world judges you as being ‘prosperous’ – then it means that either you have realized your own goals and expectations or that you have exceeded normal, average standards held by the majority of people.

It is important to understand that prosperity extends way beyond having lots of money, fancy clothes, a flashy car and a big house. Many people have these things yet they are still not fulfilled or free. Look at some very famous celebrities in the news…Lindsey Lohan for instance. They have lots of money, yet they experience failing health, unhappiness, poor relationships and low self-esteem.

happy girlFulfillment is quite different. Fulfillment is a feeling that comes from within your soul and radiates through your being. It is a feeling of deep satisfaction and contentment that you experience at the end of the day when you lie in bed before drifting off to sleep, knowing in your heart and in your soul that you have met or exceeded your expectations of yourself.

To be fulfilled means to be filled full – busting at the seams – a sense of well-being! When your own sense of well-being and the outward symbols of success come together – then you feel you have achieved ‘prosperity’. Both can exist on their own, like a candle and a match – but if you have ‘prosperity’ and you are ‘fulfilled’ then the flame creates an amazing glow!

If you desire prosperity then you must walk the path of those who have previously left their footprints in the sand… by tracing their steps you will find your own truths so that you can leave your own footprints which then will define your own personal experience of prosperity. Chances are, you have already encountered them along your journey. My purpose is to help accelerate your learning and facilitate your personal journey toward a fulfilling life!

To your success!

Shari Molchan

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