Yesterday I watched the European team win the Ryder Cup in the PGA… golf for those of you not familiar! They were down 10 to 6 on the last day against the American team. It was going to take a miracle for them to win. The European team captain had a talk to the team on the Saturday night and inspired them to believe that they can go out and do this; they can overcome their doubts and all odds against them that they would win.

This one was on the most inspiring games of golf that I have ever watched. They held their heads up, and played with their hearts and ‘believed’. The result; they won!  It brought tears to my eyes watching them celebrate. This was a great lesson in tenacity, having a purpose, a goal, and belief and focus.

In real life when the chips are down and the obstacles and hurdles seem impossible, do you give up or hold on to the vision of the outcome? So many give up when the prize is right around the corner, it just takes courage to stay the course and belief that you can do it. Maybe you need some support and encouragement to get there – the European team had a coach that encouraged them to believe. Do you?


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