Shari’s Top 10 Money Rules

Rule #1:  Stop fooling yourself, I want you to stop using money to fill any emptiness in your life, to keep up with the Joneses, to justify your way of life, to feel needed, to be respected, or to feel independent!

Rule #2: No matter what the papers say ie; we are in a recession, or it’s thriving, refuse to be a victim.  Take absolute responsibility for your situation with your money.

Rule #3: Be willing to look at your money past to gain a better understanding of your relationship with money.

Rule #4: Be committed to turning your money situation around by learning the skills necessary to be smart about your money AND seek the advice of financial advisors, accountants and attorneys when necessary.

Rule #5: Track your spending and assess your incoming cash monthly. Bottom line – spend less than you make! Remove any unnecessary expenses that you can live without.

Rule #6: If you are in debt, be committed to making a plan to pay it off. This will free you from one of the most common financial stresses.

Rule #7: Before you buy ask yourself these questions: Can I afford to pay this with CASH? Do I really need it?

Rule #8: Repeat my mantra – “Money – yeah I do that!” When you know your numbers and your goals, life becomes a whole lot less stressful.

Rule #9: Keep you goals in front of you every day so you can stop the money messages that are keeping you stuck and not able to reach your dreams. Take the steps you need to learn how to keep your confidence and inspiration to reach your goals. Hire a money coach …me ;0) to teach you the steps you need to take so you don’t revert back to your old money habits and mindsets.

Rule #10: Share your experiences with others in the hopes that they too can gain freedom with their money. Like I always say – “How you do money – is how you do everything!” It’s your money and your life – you are at choice – make good ones for you!


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