hourglass-dollar-signHalf of the year is already gone! Are you feeling like you need a little motivation to get going? Has the year been going as you planned? Or does it seem like you still can’t just get the ‘oomph’ to get going!

Most people believe success is about pushing themselves to do the things they don’t want to do. That is why you need motivation! Can you relate to that?

We often look outside ourselves to find some stimulation. We are looking for anything to help us get moving again – be it other people – a big goal – motivational tapes and or just pure adrenaline (which can be stressful and sometimes not a healthy way to live!)

I want to plant the seed in your mind that there is a better way and it’s called inspiration! So what’s the difference between motivation and inspiration?

Motivation is an external force that pushes kicks and forces us to get things done. Like a looming deadline or a fierce boss – the pain of what will happen if you don’t do it. Being motivated always carries a big price. It’s like a drug that hooks you. But the feeling never lasts, and you have to keep going back for more and more external motivation.

Inspiration on the other hand is an inner drive that keeps you moving. It’s passion on fire. Being inspired stirs your sole. It stimulates your thinking. When you are inspired, you naturally do the things you need to do. You don’t need someone or something else to get you moving. You just do it because it is what you want. Not because you were forced into it.

Motivation can carry a lot of pain… whereas inspiration is … effortless!  

Financial freedom is not guaranteed by simply having lots of money. What is required is a clear understanding of you – coupled with the knowledge of the basics of how to build a firm financial foundation, because even if circumstances force you to leave everything behind you will always be able to start over and quickly produce new wealth. Your freedom resides in you and not in the money.

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