woman-and-piggybank1Are you feeling a lack around money? If you think about it – almost every decision has a financial basis to it. Are you looking at the amount of money you currently have and compromising your dreams down? The key is to not look in your cheque book for evidence if your dream is a good idea, and don’t rely on the news or the stock market.

Look inside your heart. When something matters to you, choose to believe in it, put your stake in the ground and take an action step to do something about it!

Break free from money being the master over you. To be wealthy or prosperous we need to be conscious to create what we need – when we need it. You must break free from the stories and limitations in your own consciousness around money.

How do you remove any limitations that you may have around money? What are your stories around wealth? When you hear the word wealthy do you shut down?

We have so many beliefs (judgements that have been passed down to us), you would think that in this world of unlimited opportunities we would be further down the road, but we are not. These stories are not necessarily what we were told but what we also witnessed.

People set goals to what they think they can accomplish – rather than what they feel in their heart. When I am working with clients I sometimes get asked; “Am I crazy for having a dream that stretches me beyond my imagination?” This is because everything else in their lives says they can’t do it.

You may have to push past many belief systems to make it happen. Who you surround yourself with on a daily basis and the support that you can create for yourself is extremely important while you are bringing your dream into fruition. Your environment is critical.

Very few of the hundreds of people I have coached over the years are chasing the money. But make no mistake; they fully intend to be well compensated for what they do. Why? Because they feel they are worth it. I have learned that our self-worth and self-esteem play a much bigger role in our success than any education or experience.

peekingWe all the ability to live our dreams – you just have to want it bad enough and be willing to ask for help to get there.

You don’t have to ‘peek’ over the fence …. get in the game and go for what you want!



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