little girl thinkingDo you think that you have beliefs which are holding you back from creating the lifestyle you want? Do you think that it is your beliefs about money that determine exactly how much money you will make?

If not, what do you believe? That you are a “victim” of circumstance? Well I am sorry to burst your bubble of self pity, but the truth is that there are no victims, only volunteers. The bottom line is that YOU are responsible for where you are right now in every area of your life.

YOU were also at the source of every single good, positive, uplifting, celebratory circumstance in your life. YOU have the power to decide what happens next.

So if it’s more money that you want, you have to first start by changing your beliefs.

If you are asking yourself right now … “WHICH limiting beliefs are holding me back?” This is normal.

For most of us we’ve got our beliefs from our surroundings – either positive or negative. In fact for me, the beliefs and programs that I had in my life around money were not serving me well … after two divorces I was still wondering where and when ‘Prince Charming’ was going to whisk me away. What I found out was that Prince Charming comes in a Ford with car payments!

My beliefs and programs had been instilled in me and I continued believing them in oblivion.  Everything in my life shifted 14 years ago when I started working on my self and my money issues, and that is when I really noticed that it was me – I was the one that was sabotaging my results. Money is a means to an end. It’s an appropriate measure by which to gauge your belief system. It’s something we all need … and can enjoy immensely, once we have the right relationship to it.

So if you want more money, but you don’t take any action to GET more of it, how do you know what is holding you back? How can you release your fears and get more money?

We are told that writing down affirmations and thinking positive thoughts will attract what we want. Have you ‘tried to want more’ and set goal after goal after goal, taken massive action, only for it not to happen?

Have you been to money seminars and the person next to you gets the same information and three years later goes on to become rich and you are still broke?

You see, most people work very hard and take lots of action, and yet they never attract the wealth they deserve. What I have found is that when it comes to attracting money and success, everyone has their own unique beliefs based on the cultural upbringing they received and the social messages that they encountered.

Notice how you speak about money. How do you handle the money in your wallet or purse? How do you think about people with money? How do you handle your finances? Do you open your bills – are they always paid late?

By observing how you handle money will give you a big clue to the beliefs that you have around money. Your beliefs are your blueprints for your reality.



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