I love celebrities in the news – they sure help my cause in the world! Why? What can we learn from Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, and most celebrities about money? Well let me ask you this…. Would you agree that if money was actually the key to financial security, peace of mind and a happy life, then the celebrity magazines would be full of happy people with good relationships? Aren’t all millionaires living fulfilling meaningful lives?

NO! So can we agree that a million dollars won’t give you lasting happiness, security and well-being?

Do you think it would be different in your case? Come on – tell the truth….I bet right now you think it would be….!

As a society we have been hypnotized. Even though we know at an intellectual level that money can’t give us happiness, security and well-being, we’ve been hypnotized at an unconscious level to FEEL that it can.

So what has that got to do with money? Here’s what: If you think you need money BEFORE you can live your life’s purpose and feel a real sense of security, you’ve got it the wrong way around!

To live your life ON PURPOSE – you have to resolve your barriers to money, wealth and financial abundance so you can use money for ITS true purpose – as a creative tool, for supporting you in making your difference in the world.

Stay tuned… more about living on purpose next time!



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