I just got off the phone from being interviewed by a local news reporter about what is happening in the markets right now…the sky is not falling – there I said it!

With all the press and analysis on the TV right now with the USA losing it’s AAA rating (due to it’s debt load) – it has caused a ripple effect of panic selling and confidence of investors.

Here’s the thing – the DOW has dropped before and I can guarantee it will again …. reacting to world wide economy.

Should you do anything? My answer is – there’s nothing to do – it is just 2 days – and it doesn’t change the whole outlook of the future.

Now – if you don’t have a plan – and know what that plan is – I do suggest you talk to your advisor and find out… I speak about this all the time – you need to know your numbers – you need to know what your risk tolerance is and if you don’t then find out. It’s your money… and you should know where it is – what it is invested in and have plan for the future.

I am also a big advocate of having an opportunity fund (in my world – this was formerly called an ’emergency fund’) An opportunity to fix your roof – cover your expenses if an unexpected event happens – OR an opportunity to buy into the market while it is on sale! Warren Buffett rubs his hands together when ever the market goes down and gets out his wallet….

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