Are you struggling in your personal life or if you have a business, is it stuck at a plateau and you want to make more money? Are your dreams matching yourresults? Have you created the success that you had hoped for?

Prosperity ConceptConsider this: Your life right now is perfectly structured to create the results you already have, and it’s possibly not structured to create that amazing vision you had. If it were, you’d already have it! Success is predictable. Are you set up for success?

Why aren’t you making the money you want? If you are in business for yourself – has it turned into – or always was – a hobby? If your dream was more than what you have then maybe these issues are keeping you right where you are, or perhaps getting worse?

Why do smart people unconsciously sabotage their success? One of the main reasons that I see over and over again is that most men and women don’t have the right mind set. Now what do I mean by that and how can you make a shift to increase your business and your success?

Here are some of the top characteristics that I see that hold men and women back from achieving their true potential.

1. Do you associate with people that are doing better than you? Learning from their successes…Or are you keeping yourself small so that you will fit in with your ‘peers’. Do you worry about what they will say if you become successful and they don’t? This affects your success and can keep you restricted to others beliefs and their habits.

This is why I work with people on their money scripts. Those beliefs can and will hold you back and I’ll tell you it’s always at the root of the problems. You have to change your mind set to align with your goals and dreams.

But it’s hard to do because we can’t see our own blind spots. We need mentors, coaches, or a mastermind group to help you; “Get out of our own way!”

2. You need to get clear and focused on what your gifts are and believe that you are meant to make a difference, and guess what – you can make money at it too! We were not meant to struggle.

I always tell my clients that they are ripping us off (the consumer) by not standing in your power and sharing your gifts and talents with us…as my friend Karen McMullen puts it – “Living in your genius”.

3. It doesn’t matter what others are doing, it only matters what actions that you either choose – or don’t. Take control and make a decision – a decision that says – “I’m worth it and I deserve it!”

If you are saying; “It’s not the right time”, “I’m already …” or “I can’t because…” then this is a real indicator that you are avoiding making a decision. One thing I know about you is that you know you were meant to live your dream – you can feel it every day when you focus on what you really want.

My only question for you is this; “What do you want?”

I can help you get your financial house in order, achieve your financial goals and find money you didn’t know you have. I provide a sense of comfort, guidance and safety that you may be missing and wanting.

E-mail me at for a complimentary discovery session.

Shari Molchan

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