Do you complain about decisions that you have made – either with your money/spending or personal choices? Do you now no longer think they were the best decision? It’s Christmas and there can be added financial and personal pressures.

Are you saying yes – when you really mean no? You have the right to choose what is best for yourself now. Changing your mind does not mean you are acting irresponsibly – but the opposite. When you honor what your heart and what your intuition is telling you, you are making the most authentic decision that you’re willing to accept all the consequences.

Letting go of what others think you should do – is the only way to fulfill your true and full potential.

Passion speaks to us every day through our feelings. When you allow yourself to become sedated by what others think, you literally block yourself from the life that you were meant to live.

You have the right to change your mind! If you make a choice that doesn’t please your friends, partner or whoever, the world will not fall apart. Really – it won’t! The people that truly love you want you to love yourself.

Make this season the one where you decide to change your mind, and remember you always get what you focus on – which in turn determines what you feel. Trust your intuition, you’ll always get exactly what you intend. When you become clearer about who you really are – you will be able to decide what is best for you – the first time around.

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