Have you lost touch with your imagination?

I just got back from visiting my kids and grandkids in Calgary! I so love being a grandma! It is the best. It reminds of the innocence we once had where we could be a fireman one day and a pilot the next day. In fact I was going down a Calgary street with my grandson – who is 3 – and all my family, arms outstretched and we were planes – noises and all! A lot of looks but we were having fun!

Did your dreams die or get put on the back burner? Have you let limiting beliefs get in your way of being a singer, dancer, writer, maybe a pilot or a super hero?

I talk with so many people that have dreams – but they are in their head and are “it would have been nice” thoughts rather than reality. Why? Why do we not answer our calling? Are you stuck in a rut of making a living – but not able to step out of that box and really listen to your heart and your deepest desires?

The concept of money that you hold is usually something that’s been hardwired into our brain based on our parents, society’s or family attitudes to cash, investing, debt and wealth creation, and even what type of job you should get. Ever heard the words; “That’s not very realistic” or “Get real!”

What is ‘get real’? Live according to so meone else’s beliefs and ignore your own? Maybe it is time to listen to your heart and go for it.

I invite you to find out what your passion and purpose is – what you really want to do. You know what it is – I know you do… you have just lost touch with it, that’s okay. It is never too late to be what you dream of. It starts with figuring it out and then writing down goals to attain it.

Don’t let the excuses of I am too old; it’s too late; I can’t afford it….

I love this quote by Henry David Thoreau…

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

Happy building! Vroom!

Spiderman says go for it!

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