Have you ever felt frustrated and desperate for relief when it comes to money?

Are you are so frustrated by all the advice, books and seminars that you find yourself saying; “I just don’t know what to think?”
Are you finding yourself saying; “Oh well…It’s only money.”
Usually this is after you have spent too much money or lose a lot of money or make a costly mistake, in fact maybe you say it with a laugh and you may even roll your eyes, but the irony is clear; money is anything but ‘only money’ when it comes to your worries.

Money is inconsistent because as scary as it might be, money is pleasing and useful to us, we want more of it, and we like to have it around us. It is critical to survival, and necessary, and yet we have this belief that understanding money is beyond us somehow?
If it’s only money, why do we have so much trouble with it?

The truth is that being afraid of money is like being afraid of the air you breathe – you can’t do without it unless you are going to live in a cave and eat fish from the stream beside it!
Money is not as mysterious or as powerful as you have been led to believe. Really, it’s true!

The secret… You must learn about it, get to know about it, and begin to use it and not it you.
I have seen hundreds of people that feel ashamed that they are not where they think they should be. Some believe that there is something wrong with them and they have to hide this big secret from the rest of the world or else it will humiliate them.

Well the cure for shame is to start talking about some of the secrets and the fears that are in your way. Why don’t we talk about money?
Well for starters, most of us were never taught about money in school. Most of us didn’t have parents that openly gave us ‘guilt free’ guidance about what money is and how we can manage it effectively. Growing up there may not have been many opportunities to get in the conversation about money in an empowering way.
We all understand that money is essential to life, essential to survival and because of this it is also loaded with emotional charge. So now you have this emotionally charged topic that NO ONE talked about.

Your emotions, having no place to escape, got pushed deep, deep down into your emotional subconscious. All that pent up, pushed down, and unexpressed emotional charge around money. This is what has been driving your financial decisions. This massive block of emotion includes all your social and emotional conditioning around money, and it includes your supportive and non-supportive values and principles. It is the home of the #1 key to whether or not you are successful financially; it drives your actions or in actions.

You feel frustration, embarrassment, or a feeling that; “I should know better – I do not want to look stupid and ask for help!”
So you look for answers in money management books, seminars, different financial advisors… and then get overwhelmed with all the information.
Where do you start?! It convinces you even more that you will never figure it out!

This can lead to going out and spending more money to make you feel better!
“Oh well, it’s too late anyway?”

In fact some resolve to the fact that they are going to live off the government old age cheques. Can you relate to any of this?

I want you to think about this and tell yourself…”I cannot handle money – yet! I don’t understand money – yet!” “I am capable of handling and understanding money!”
You need to rid yourself of any old negative money messages and replace with them with new ones. It starts by uncovering the beliefs that are holding you back and heal them from the core. Is it easy? Well that depends, but I will tell you this; when you get to the core of who you really are, it just feels right.

When you understand and proactively address the emotional issues that you have right now surrounding money, then and only then can you ultimately lead a more satisfying and rewarding life.

Want some help? I offer a free complimentary money discovery session.

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