Did you know that there is more hands on information available today on how to be successful than any other time? Yet only 4% of the population is financially independent when they stop working. This isn’t surprising to me; I see it all the time. Statistics show that 80% of people working today would rather be doing something else and 75% of them will admit that they are not working up to what they are capable of, and even worse what they really want to be doing. These statistics are my motivation to do my seminars, workshops and write my books.

In Canada – we are free to do what we want – no matter our sex or religion. You can do anything, be anything, go anywhere and change any part of your life for the better. So why is it that people persevere in the negative and hopelessness when they are free to think about anything they want? Let me ask you this… “Are you living up to your full potential or living your dreams?” If not – why not?

You’ve heard the old saying … “failing to plan is planning to fail”. If you want to become a chef – you have to take cooking lessons, if you want to become a dentist – you study and practice dentistry. It’s seems so simple, right? Well the truth is – it’s not! In most cases – nothing really worthwhile is easy. Take a relationship, you have to create time and invest in it to make it work. Yet you are brought up to think that if you have to work at it there’s probably something wrong with it, and this is where that kind of thinking is fatal to your happiness.

Here are three simple philosophies that I’ve learned from my mentors over the years that have made a difference in my life.

Life is hard – it always has been and it always will be. It’s never been any different for me or you or anyone else. Discipline is a key ingredient to getting what you want. So if you accept this as the truth – life in some ways will become a little easier because you don’t agonize so much from feelings of frustration and unfairness.

Second, everything you are or ever will be is up to you. You are where you are today because of what you have done so far. You are always free to choose your actions or inactions, and so your life today is the result of all of your choices – good and bad. If you want to have different results then you have to make different choices.

Lastly and most important – is that you can learn anything that you need to learn, to become anyone you want to become, to achieve anything you want to achieve. All of the limitations that you have are put on by yourself. You are where you are based on what you know and have done so far. To move forward you have to both learn and unlearn a few things.

So how do you get ahead and move forward? Is reading book after book or seminar after seminar – enough? No. You have to have a system to incorporate the ideas that you learn, if not it’s like trying to do a jigsaw puzzle without a picture. You have to learn it and then discipline yourself to stay at it until you get the results that you want. That’s why you fail – you don’t stick to it or have self-limiting beliefs that keep you right where you are.

We all have some self-limiting ways of thinking in different areas of our lives, and it’s okay – it’s quite normal! But if you want to change then you have to really look at where you are and what you are doing and face the facts about yourself and then the magic happens….

Watch for my new 30 day Maximum Momentum challenge…coming soon!

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