Do you know what you are looking for? What will a successful relationship with your money feel like or look like? Success starts on the inside, and one of the best ways to get inside your own head is to look in the mirror and ask yourself: “What do you want?”

If you say you want more money, but you don’t take any action to get more of it, what do you think is holding you back? How can you release your fears and have more money? In fact, when it comes to attracting money and success, I’ve found that what stops most people is limiting beliefs …most people, allow their fears and doubts to sabotage their success.

In fact for me my beliefs and programs that I used to have in my life around money were not serving me well. 13 years ago, after 2 divorces and waiting for Prince Charming to whisk me away, I finally got it; I had to become my own Prince Charming! If it was to be – it was up to me!

These beliefs and programs had been instilled in me for 38 years, and I continued in those beliefs quite oblivious to them. With the help and support of a mentor, I started working on myself and my money issues. My life dramatically changed and everything started to shift and I realized how important money was and how I was sabotaging my success.

What is required is a clear understanding of you, coupled with the knowledge of how to build a solid financial foundation. Your freedom resides in you and not in the money. The quality of your life depends on as much as what is inside of you as what you surround yourself with.

It is possible to relate to money in a new way and to do so in a relatively short time. Who worries about money more – people that are lacking money or those that are successful?

Constant worry and anxiety doesn’t increase your cash flow. Instead of wasting the time thinking of the problem, establish new ideas to create solutions which will bring more money. When you are not focused on fears of not having money you can rephrase the problem as a solution; “I can’t pay my bills” becomes “I am finding more creative ways to pay bills – I love how the money comes to me when I need it the most.”

I know first-hand that when you change your habits of thought about success, it will help you to align money with your personal ideals, values, and ethics. You will be able to manage your financial life with pleasure and excitement vs. anxiety and stress.

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