What the heck do I mean; talk about money?

It means getting into the conversation about your finances. It means openly admitting what’s REALLY going on for you in your financial life.

How are you thinking about money? What goes through your mind day to day when you contemplate your finances?

Do you have mentally clear picture on where you are and where you want to go? Or, does your mind go into confusion as soon as finances are discussed? Do you turn your mind off when it comes to money? What non-supportive beliefs are running in your head that are killing your ability to be prosperous?

Do you know how much physical cash you have in your bank account right now? What’s your credit like? How much debt are you carrying? Is it good debt or bad debt? Are you budgeting? Are you saving? How much are you spending month to month?

Looking AwayDoes talking about money make you feel uncomfortable? What feelings arise if I was to ask you about your financial plan?

Panic, guilt, confusion or what plan?

What if I asked you about where and how much you are spending your money?

Dread, anxiety, uncertainty or guilt again?

There is so much fear, shame, guilt, embarrassment, longing and anxiety around money, and yet in our culture, it’s almost NEVER TALKED ABOUT!

Why? For starters, most of us were never taught about money in school. Most of us didn’t have parents that openly gave us ‘guilt free’ guidance about what money is and how we can manage it effectively. There may not have been opportunities to get in the conversation about money in an empowering way.

Can you relate to what I am saying? We all understand money is essential to life, and to survival, right? And because of this it is also loaded with emotional charge. So here is this emotionally charged topic that NO ONE talks about. And so all this emotion, having no place to escape, gets pushed deep, deep down into our emotional subconscious.

Then the excuses and lies start because we just don’t know what to do. We don’t want to look stupid, because everyone knows what we should do. There are thousands of books, CD’s and seminars out there on money, so why is it that we are still stuck?

I’ll tell why in one word. Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success, fear in all forms. How do you fix it? You get in the conversation, you talk about money. If you want to make significant, positive changes in your financial life you have to go much deeper than looking at your current financial situation. You must tap into the HUGE emotional soup that is driving your decisions.

And I’ll tell you what I know. Very few people are doing this in the traditional “financial planner” world. Most ‘financial experts’ will tell you to get on a budget, watch your cash flow, and stop accumulating debt.

You can try to do all of those things – but I guarantee if you don’t handle the underlying emotional reasons WHY you are overspending and under-managing your money, you’ll rebound.

It’s like going on a diet. You can restrict your calories, and cut out junk food, but if you don’t figure out the emotional reason why you gained the weight to begin with, sooner or later you’ll find yourself standing at the fridge gobbling down that chocolate cake.

In order to REALLY move forward financially, and create a future of abundance and prosperity, you must get in the conversation about money and you MUST take that conversation deep.

You need to find out what is driving your decisions. You have to uncover the beliefs that are holding you back and heal them from the core. That is the ONLY way to ensure financial success. I know it can be scary, that’s why you need help and support along the way. The more you uncover what is holding you back, the more you can create a new, different, more empowered financial future.

Join me for my teleseminar on Tuesday July 17

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I will share with you the ‘Lies and Excuses about Money that Keep You Stuck!’

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