What’s a money planning coach?

Well they deal with money and plans. “What plans?” You might  be thinking, well a money planning coach will take into account your lifestyle and your earnings.  A money planning coach will help you build a solid plan and keep you accountable for your spending and savings; while still allowing you to live a good life… but in the meantime you will still be achieving the money goals you want.

Dollar signHere are some common ways you keep yourself from being rich, the why:

Did you know that most people that want to save or be rich don’t know how to? That might surprise you; even those that work in the field of finance don’t seem to know how to get over this hump or habit they are stuck in.  People are always making just enough or not enough, always spending more than they need to and rarely make the right choices with money.  You ever find yourself spending money with a credit card?  Why would you do that? Because you don’t have the money? Well guess what, now you owe the money that you never had.  People will continue this habit until they finally realize, “I should have never used that credit card”.

Making plans and sticking to them, the how:

Don’t think of a money planning coach as someone that will manage your money or tell you what to do, if you think this you will fail.  With a money planning coach by your side you will learn to manage and control your money and investments.  You will have a step by step strategy to help you achieve your ideal life goals.  Having an open mind to understand your “Money Mindset”, as well as other aspects of money, is a must to learning and succeeding under your money planning coaches guidance.

Help ButtonI am a money planning coach and like any coach I will not tell you what to do or push you in one direction.  I provide you with tools like support, guidance, and personal experience to help you make better choices. (I have a lot of personal experience – good, bad and the ugly! :lol: ) Face it money is a big deal and making better choices with it is even a bigger deal.  When you talk to a money planning coach you will begin to understand what you need to do to save, manage and make more money! Are you ready?

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