Do you have someday syndrome?

Last night our guest speaker at Nanaimo Women’s Business Network was Karen McMullen. She is a Certified Life Coach that helps women go from Bliss to Brilliance! She was a refreshing delight! She helps women uncover their genius, because discovering your genius, is as easy as watering the seeds that lay within the soil so that they can emerge in plain view and enjoy the light of day. Check out her website here. Karen believes that you were born to live a passionate and playful life now not someday!

I agree with that and in fact the same goes for money… “Do you sabotage your ability to create more financial prosperity in your life?” Your thoughts, (negative or positive) become automatic over time and create your reality. It is important to become aware of the messages you give yourself that either attract or detract what you want more of in your life.

You need to be aware of limiting beliefs and limiting self-talk that can prevent you from attracting and allowing abundance into your life. You have to be conscious of the details of your finances, and have a healthy relationship with your money. It is so much easier to make choices based on hope instead of fear!

Lack of confidence can lead to self-destructive behaviour.

Are you working at a job you hate? Have you allowed yourself to get deeply into debt? Perhaps you find yourself moving from one bad relationship to another. Without confidence, you don’t allow yourself to pursue your dreams.

We get what we think about most. If you want more money you have to give up your old beliefs and adopt new ones!

Here are some that you can try on….

I have the power to choose my course in life.

I deserve to be wealthy.

I am open to abundance.

My finances are secure.

I am saving more money every day.

I am prosperous, healthy and happy.

I deserve to be prosperous.

I am worthy of receiving abundance.

I am the source of my abundance.

If you have had trouble with finances in the past, know it can be different. Expect it, and allow for a new experience. A positive outlook on your finances will attract better opportunities your way and will help you make better financial decisions along the way. You can avoid Money Madness!

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