stressed-womanStress around money is pretty personal. It’s okay to be stressed out by different things – in fact a little stress can motivate you to do something about it! I just read a recent survey that says too much stress can lead to migraines, heart attacks and depression.

Money is a pretty common source of stress. This can come in all forms, work, savings, the economy, job stability or debt. In fact people with high debt stress suffered more:

1. Headaches and migraines (44% with high debt stress versus 4% with low)

2. Depression (23% versus 4%)

3. Heart attacks (6% versus 3%)

4. Muscle tension and lower back pain (51% versus 31%)

5. Ulcers and digestive problems (27% versus 8%)

How can you fight back?

Get to the root of the problem! “Money stress” is pretty vague. What exactly are you stressed about? A mountain of debt or worried that your income doesn’t cover your monthly bills? Are you scared that there might be an emergency you can’t afford?

Once you identify the problem, you can start taking steps to fix it. If you’re stressing over debt, consider talking to a debt counselor or myself – a money coach. Most people do not know where to begin. I help them build a plan. When you have a plan and know your numbers – you will have less stress – I guarantee it!

Don’t be afraid to reach and ask for help. Talk with others; don’t let the shame of the situation or the self-criticism stop you from getting support. Talking with others not only helps you to problem-solve, but also to feel not so alone and isolated in handling the situation. That’s huge. To go through this problem with other people absolutely brings a better outcome.

Of course we all know that exercising and eating right are also important for you to maintain balance with your body. Eating healthy food is a key way to stay healthy. And lastly getting more sleep. If we are exercising and having more activity in the day then it should help you sleep better.

Shari Molchan

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