Do you love your partner unconditionally? Are you sensitive to their vulnerability and vice versa? I’m sure you are, but when it comes to dealing with your finances and the subject of money, sometimes unconditional love can become conditional and judgmental.

Money can be a prickly subject in a relationship and the lack of communication can lead to separation and divorce. I want you to be able to either start or have a conversation about money with your partner.

Young couple conflict

First off, are really listening to your partner without judging? Do you jump to conclusions, or believe that if they are not doing it your way then they are doing it wrong? Do you really know your numbers? Where you spend your money, how much debt you have or where your savings are?

I know from my own experience and working with hundreds of couples, what ends up happening is that one of you basically shuts down. Why talk about it when it doesn’t matter what you say, because they are just going to do it anyway. Sound familiar?

It is so important for both partners to be heard and respected around the topic of money. You need to talk about it before it becomes a money shout and a wall between you.

I love working with couples, and I guess I have probably saved some marriages along the way! That makes me feel that I am doing the right thing at the right time, because my goal is to make a difference in people’s lives…one at a time. Is it your time, are you ready?

I still have a few spots open for a complimentary session with me over the next 2 weeks.(If you live in the Nanaimo area we can do a live appointment – if you don’t, Skype or by phone is also available) If you are interested, please click below.

This could be the very day that all the weight is lifted off your shoulders and the subject of money is fun – not dread. Doing money, marriage, having kids, sex – never came with a manual, we have for the most part done it from our experiences in the past or what we saw at home when we were kids. It’s not your fault where you are, you are doing the best you can with the resources that you have, and when you know better you will do better.

With much love




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