When building your money map – here is tip #2.

Use cash! That’s right – good ole cash – not plastic. It’s harder to part with physical cash than to swipe a debit card. (Try it – you will not want to spend it when you are looking at it every day!)

I recommend that you withdraw a certain amount every two weeks, and limit yourself to spending just that amount. You can separate your cash into envelopes: Put your cash into non-bills categories for groceries, entertainment, gas and miscellaneous necessities. Only spend what’s inside.

Next – save your change: Every few days, empty all the loose change into a piggy bank – yes just like a kid – you need to start a pure pleasure account. You will be surprised at how much and how fast it adds up. You have to change your relationship to money and make it fun – not just paying bills…. 

And here is a good reason for sticking with cash, for those who need spending discipline: With cash, you can’t spend what you don’t have. I know that I have caught myself and stopped to think twice about a purchase when I use cash more than when I use plastic.

By using cash it engages 4 out of 5 senses in your brain. You can touch it, see it, hear the rustle of the paper and smell it! The bottom line is that carrying cash helps you get really in touch with how much you are spending.

Next time I will share the 3rd tip….stay tuned!

To your wealth!


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