Woman jump over canyonHow many of you would you not take the next step in your life unless you knew 100% that it is going to work? Do you have a ‘yeah-but’ mindset and tend to focus on what’s wrong instead of what’s working? Well you are not alone. Too many of us don’t go after our dreams; we hold ourselves back and limit our success. Why? Well the number one culprit is fear of the unknown.

The ‘yeah-buts’ we say to ourselves justify why we stay and settle, for where we are. Have you tried to set a goal once and it didn’t work, so you gave up and decided that maybe it wasn’t meant to be? Or, you set a goal and instantly your mind went to; ‘BUT HOW,’ will I ever do that?

We can easily come up with all the reasons and ‘yeah-buts’ to quiet those crazy thoughts that: we can make money doing what we love; have enough money to travel; buy they material things that we want; save more money; be successful; lose weight; etc….

Here’s some help; write down all your ‘yeah-buts’ that you can think of that have caused your ‘lack-thinking’. Look at what you have written. Our ‘lack of belief‘ and ‘fears’ are largely due to how much we value ourselves, and therefore it’s proportional to our results.

Next time I’ll give you some tips on how to know what you want and don’t want, and how that’s the first step to getting what you want. When you believe in possibilities, you can take a leap without a safety net.

Stay tuned…


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