I just led a workshop on the weekend for Lorraine Jensen’s amazing group – “I Love My Life” (check it out here www.ilml.ca). My workshop is called; “Money Relationship Intensive’! And at times, some of the women really had to step out of their comfort zone and get uncomfortable. Discomfort is a good thing!

cat in glassIf you want to have success with your money – the number one requirement for financial freedom (or success in anything for that matter) is simply this: You‘ve got to be willing to be uncomfortable.

One of my coaching clients was talking about how his new goal was making him uncomfortable, he knew what he wanted, but there was a lot of resistance to step off his comfy nest and try another. My reply to him:; “Perfect, let’s get going!”

So here’s the thing; anxiety, fear, worry, nervousness, and resistance…all these are normal reactions to any new situation. Yes I said normal – you are normal to feel that way!  When you experience fear or are hesitant to move forward, it doesn’t mean that something’s wrong. The fear just means that you are doing something different, and maybe you have never done it before and so of course you may some reluctance to move forward or for that matter – even try.

It is exactly what you need to do to get to the next level of what you say you want. That is why you set goals with a strong “WHY” you want to get there. It will help you leap over those problems and take the action steps you need to get there. If you can’t do it by yourself – get help! No one is an island; top athletes know the power of a coach.

So if you want to change your relationship with money and work towards having the financial success you want, start looking for ways to be uncomfortable!

Shari Molchan

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