What I know about money is that it is a deep and emotional topic. We all have hopes and dreams of what we want to do with our lives and money seems to always come up as a road block that keeps us from achieving them. Well, what I have found in my own experience is that money is a tool and not the solution.

I think many people have that backwards when it comes to planning  your financial future. We organize our lives to earn money rather than use money to live the life we want. It’s not about building up a massive mountain of invested money but really is about the ability to buy what we deem meaningful to us and do the things that we love to do – really to live our passion and purpose.

So then that means that how we spend it is actually more important than how we invest it. A lot people think if they get best stock tips and have brilliant money management that they will beat the odds…. But all the great investments in the world won’t matter if you spend more money than you make, I see people sabotage those investments all the time because they made them to make money without being committed to any solid value based goals.

It really starts with having a clear vision of what you want your life to look like if you had no limitations. This is different for everyone – your reality is not the same as your neighbour – I believe that we are all on our own journey. What is important to you and your goals is unique to you. I see it all the time – people investing in the latest hot stock tip or investing in precious metals, real estate – whatever… it’s all good to do that – but with a caveat… and that is only if you know why you are doing it – in other words, what is your long term vision that this money is going to help you realize. We never do anything for the money – sorry if that bursts your beliefs but it is true!

successWhat do you want your financial future to look like? Have you written down your life goals, do you know where you want to be in one year – 5 years? You have to get into the habit of minding your money as much as you do your hair – your home – hobbies – vehicle …. It’s about getting clear on what your priorities are. More on that next time…

Cheers, Shari



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