Women really need to have and develop a healthy honest relationship with our money and it has to be a reflection of how we see ourselves.

How we behave toward and treat our money speaks volumes of how we perceive and value ourselves.

You can either roll the dice or feel that you have the ability and determination to make your relationship with money work.

Here are 7 quick money tips for you.

1.         Don’t rely on someone else, like a husband or boyfriend, for you to feel secure with your finances. You have to be your own White Knight.

2.         Do you get the urge to splurge to make yourself feel good about money? That high is short lived, do something instead that encourages self-respect and creativity so you don’t have to look for those feelings through spending money.

3.         You know what it is and how it is true… budget! Spend less than you earn – it’s the secret to creating prosperity.

4.         If you don’t know how, go back to school or hire a mentor or coach. It’s never too late to do what you love.

5.         Build an ‘Opportunity or Rainy Day’ Fund. An unexpected expense could set you in a financial tailspin, or an ‘opportunity’ might arise and voila… you have the money!

6.         Do you know your numbers? Do you talk with your partner about your numbers?

7.         Learn from your past money mistakes and don’t let them stop you or trip you up from moving forward.

Your destiny depends on the health of your relationship with money. The only way to conquer fear is to take action. Success leaves footprints; you don’t have to do it by yourself. If you would like a free money strategy session with me – please email me… shari@sharimolchan.com

To your success!

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