Here’s a common struggle between parents and kids – getting them to take their medicine when they are sick. From the little ones that spit it out to the teenager who argues they don’t need it, kids can put up a good fight, but to a sick kid everything feels like an intrusion and a demand. When you’re sick – reason and common sense don’t exist – just give me a pillow and the couch and I’ll be happy – thank you very much! I ended up having to bribe my kids or using reverse psychology like, “This medicine will help you feel better so you can go back to the playground.”


Are you as an adult rejecting to take your proverbial medicine when it comes to getting what you say you want in life?


People tell me all the time that they wished they had a better understanding and relationship with their money. Yet they refuse (choose) to take, accept or acknowledge what they need to do to make changes and heal that connection. Are you frustrated with your circumstances, struggling or have too much pride (or shame and guilt) to admit that you need help?


If so, here are some ‘medicine taking’ tips for ‘adults’, for those of you who want to change your current association and conditions with money.


Make it taste better…have fun – join a group or start a program with a friend who wants to make changes too… it’s easier to be part of group that are all on the same page rather than doing it alone.


Have a regular treatment taking time… in other words – every morning take 15-30 minutes to go over your goals and the action steps that you need to do that day to get you closer to what you say want.

Create choices whenever you can. Believe it or not – not all advice is the same ;) – so get some that works for you – Taking your medicine is non-negotiable, but how you do it is! Simple choices will give you a needed sense of control over the situation. You’ll need to tailor a plan that works for you – you are unique and have to find the right strategy that works for you.

Know the consequences. If you refuse to take the necessary steps and actions then you are choosing to stay in the same situation you are in.

Let another adult try. If Mom was better than Dad, then she was the main caregiver of the medicine. Are you trying to do it yourself – or have you been getting advice and nothing has changed? Maybe it’s time to reach out – get some help so you can get back on track (or even start a track!). It’s actually a sign of strength rather than weakness and believe me, I know from my own experience – it far outweighs staying ‘sick’.

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