“From little acorns mighty oaks do grow.”

Man hands with acorns, on bright backgroundIt is a miracle of nature that from something as small as an acorn, a massive oak tree will grow. Now this doesn’t happen overnight. But after years of nourishment and growth, that small little acorn will become very large and commanding. I don’t know about you, but sometimes we can fall into the trap of feeling small and insignificant, even to the point of believing that we can’t be anything remarkable or significant.

Even to the point where we place limits on our potential to grow into something magnificent. Today I want to reassure you that in every acorn, an oak tree is waiting to grow. Albeit you need the right environment… that’s why we have the advantage over an acorn; we can put ourselves into situations where growth is not only imaginable but possible!

What can we do?

We can read great books. We can get a mentor or a coach; we need to surround ourselves with people that will encourage us and persevere with us when nothing seems to go right. We need to talk more positive to ourselves and believe in possibilities and dreams. Maybe try new strategies when the old ones aren’t working.

Ultimately we need to remove the limits that we are placing upon our dreams and work on our goals… every day!

acorn to oakIn every acorn is an oak tree.

My question to you;

“What are you doing today that will get you closer to take full advantage of your possibilities?

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