Are hiding from your money?

My goal is to help people forever change their relationship with money. In order to do that you have to be willing to open your eyes and know in detail where you stand financially.

We have to take responsibility for not only our present behaviours but past ones too. It’s important that we understand why we have created our current financial reality. This is where the proverbial ‘rubber meets the road’ because when we unveil the truths and dig through our money beliefs it can be difficult, time consuming, scary, disappointing and exhausting.

But the alternative is so much worse. Believe me, I know because I’ve been there; pretending that I knew where I really stood and hiding out from my own money and trying to fudge the details. When we don’t pay attention to our money and just guess, estimate, or fantasize about our future, it only prolongs our dysfunctional relationship with money.

A healthy relationship with money is vital to creating lasting abundance. The way we treat it, respect it, value it, and what we do with it all matters. Just like any other relationship in our life, our relationship with money can only be healthy if it’s based on honesty, authenticity, and trust. Money always tells the truth.

So the dysfunction in this relationship is always our own. Recognizing my part in this relationship was both frightening and freeing. Intimidating because I knew I could no longer blame my divorce, my job, the economy, special circumstances, or bad luck. By surrendering blame, I took full responsibility for my past, present and future. Once I took responsibility, I realized that I could turn this relationship around. I was free to create a better relationship with money.

But I knew it would take work, practice and consistency. Today I know where my money goes and where it comes from. I know why I spend what I do why I earn what I earn.

When I work with clients I tell them, “There’s a reason you are where you are. There’s a reason why you have money—or you don’t. There’s a reason why you’re in debt—or not. There’s a reason that you’re earning what you’re earning and spending what you’re spending.”

Most of us have avoided looking at the truth of our financial situation. We avoid our bank statements, our bills, our credit card balances, and chequing accounts and live with the panic and anxiety of the not knowing. How many of you have crossed your fingers at the debit machine after you insert your card? We tell ourselves little white lies; it’s no big deal, I will be fine, I can deal with this later.

We are avoiding the details; we don’t want to know the truth or what’s really going on. As one of my clients said to me; “If I don’t look at my numbers then I don’t have to deal with them!” But those numbers exists whether or not we’re looking.

Numbers are just numbers. They aren’t personal. What we do with the money gives it the power. This isn’t a judgment about who you are. It’s not about how well-behaved you’ve been, how smart, stupid, naughty or kind you’ve been. It’s about knowing the truth. If you want to repair any damage, or strengthen the relationship, or deepen your understanding of money; it is crucial that you begin to tell the truth to yourself about your relationship with money. You need to let go of any old beliefs that justify avoiding the truth. It’s not too late and you are worth it.

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To your success!

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