Have you ever been faced with a situation in your life where you had two choices about how to do something? One could be to do nothing and the other could be to take a risk and go into unfamiliar territory. How many of you do nothing when you are faced with this challenge? How many of you took the risk and went for it?

Most of us, when faced with a decision to act on something, tend to back away from the challenge and play it safe. We stay in our comfort zone – where we know what is going to happen and when. A lot of us were taught at a very early age to avoid risk at all costs. There were too many consequences, setbacks or drawbacks that we’d have to face if we took the plunge. These are learned behaviours and so what happens is that we never give ourselves the opportunity to discover what it feels like to take the road less travelled in life. We stay on the road that we know… the one that is familiar and comfortable.

It’s feels better – but we don’t grow and expand. I’m not saying that we always need to take risks, there has to be a balance of both caution and risk to move forward in life.

So why take risks? Why should you do things that you wouldn’t normally do? Well, if you are not where you want to be in your life right now – then it is time to change. Taking risks and going headfirst into the unknown will definitely test your resilience, commitment, courage, ambition, motivation and so much more. Your boundaries will be pushed and extended and what was once comfortable, may become uncomfortable for a time.

When you take the road less traveled, your mind opens up to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. Nothing great comes without paying a price. If it was that easy, then everybody would be happy. It may be difficult and challenging and that’s why so many avoid it.

My advice is to jump into your life. Push yourself; challenge your comfort zone and your boundaries. You may surprise yourself and do something amazing with your life that you never thought possible.

Geronimo! ;)

Shari Molchan

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