Do you have a MONEY MAP?

Just like a regular map, a money map is a tool you use to help you navigate from where you are now financially, to where you want to be. It’s an easy to follow, step by step guide that helps you get to the financial destination of your dreams!

I believe that this is the #1 thing that keeps people worrying like crazy all day and lying awake at night. So many people lose hundreds of hours of sleep, and hundreds and hundreds of dollars in income, because they are trying to navigate without a map.

Have you ever lost sleep worrying about your financial future or your future financial destination? Here are some of the questions that I have heard, and have experienced, that can keep you awake at night, wondering and worrying…

How am I going to pay my bills? Will I have enough money to get all the things I desire? How will I ever afford to put my kids through college? Will I ever be able to retire? What if my parents need financial help? Can I afford to assist them? (Not only financially, but emotionally and physically too.) Where is the money going to come from?

One thing that is super common and super dangerous is if you and your partner are navigating your financial life with no map – or worse – with two different maps! Did you know the #1 reason for divorce is a lack of communication, and a big factor is finances? Most couples don’t TALK about money. Usually, by the time it does come out, it becomes a “Money Shout”!

Secondly, as I’ve just said, they either don’t have a money map that outlines where they want to go financially as a couple… or they are using two different maps that are taking them to two entirely different locations!

What kind of money personality do you and your partner have? When you do learn what kind of money personality you have you will understand your habits around money and how your current situation is a reflection where you are at… this may save your relationship or at the very least strengthen it!

Preparing for a successful financial journey is just like preparing for any trip! First you start with the basics…Toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, underwear, shoes and shampoo. Then you start adding the extras… Financially speaking, the basics look like this:bills

Do you know how much money you have in the bank right now? Do you know how much you spend week to week, month to month? Are you in control of how it is spent – ie. do you have a budget? Do you know what your net worth is? Do you keep track of your receipts? Do you know where you want to be in 6 months, 1 year, 10 years?

Having a map to follow will change your financial future – when you get real clear on where you want to go – you may have heard the phrase – what gets measured gets done!

Next time I will give you some tips so you can get started on your money map! Stay tuned!

Cheers, Shari


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