Goals: Don’t worry about ‘how’ you are going to get there – that will come – you need to focus on actions!

When you are ready for change you will shift your thinking and draw a line in the sand and say to yourself; “When I cross that line I will start doing and stop thinking!”

Great! That is what you need to do is take action! But along the way – on your journey to your ‘goal’, take time to truly enjoy the trip, by being able to identify and achieve those things you really want out of life.

This drives you into your head to try and untangle the mystery – what is tangible – and moves you into action steps that you can take.

What I find is that most try and figure out the ‘how’. If I was to ask you how you breathe – what would you say? Chances are, you will stop and become conscious of your breath, think of all the components – maybe Google how to breathe – the point is answering this question requires analysis! Understanding how to breathe is not required for you to breathe.

Doing does not require understanding. In order for you to do you must know what. If I asked you what you do when you breathe – you would probably say that air goes in an out through your nose and mouth – then you repeat that. The ‘what’ part of the question leads you to the steps in the process – ‘how’ just leaves you wandering in the mysterious realm of the unknown.

When you are ready to take action don’t get paralyzed on the ‘how’ – I see this all the time in my workshops….You have to move your attention on the ‘what’ do you want and bypass the ‘how’ for now.

Write your goal on an index card, and begin to carry that index card around with you. Write it as if you have already achieved it! Write it with emotion – how you will feel when you achieve it!

Keep it in your pocket or purse/wallet. I want you to read it when you wake up, and before you go to sleep at night. Read it in the afternoon and in the evening. Anytime!

You want to become fully immersed and filled with your goal. The more you tell yourself your goal, the more you will believe you can achieve it. You will gain confidence and strength simply by reading your goal throughout the day.

Here’s to your ‘whats’! Go get em!



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