I am very grateful to be a part of the new group of women, “I Love My Life” (www.ilml.ca). It has been an honour to share my experience with this group through my ‘I love my Money’ workshops.
I have been asked by many…. What exactly do I do at Molchan Financial and Money Momentum? Well, I am a full service financial services company, providing risk and wealth management for individuals and small …businesses.
What makes me unique is my personal approach to my clients. I believe that the key to having a great relationship (and a winning one) with your money and finances begins with you and your intentions of what you want.
For 15 years I have sat down with hundreds of people, and the one thing I know for sure… it’s not about the money or the products. It’s about what’s important to you, your family or your business. It’s where you have to start before you can build a plan that addresses your uniqueness and personal needs.
Many do not have a plan – or even know how to start one. This is where my passion and strength lies, and I have created my own unique system to help you figure it out, take the stress out of money and have fun doing it!
I posted this video called ‘Even Eagles Need a Push’. I love it as it carries the message that until you discover your passions and your true desires it is hard to understand your purpose for your life. Without soaring and spreading your own wings some fail to realize that they have a great privilege in being able to make choices and change your mind. The ‘push’ I give you could be one that could change your life forever.

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