Today there are thousands and thousands of books – tapes – videos and courses that offer encouragement to help you recharge your batteries, make millions, get out of debt, financial planning. But to maintain a positive mental attitude about money in today’s world is not easy! What’s happening in the markets and on the news right now in our own environment seems to support negativity. Most of what we read in newspapers and watch on TV news is filled with negativity… Markets crashing, debt crisis, war, famine, murder, local and international economic crisis, natural disasters, lawsuits and it goes on and on.

So here’s the thing – if all your input is negative – then your output might be as well. Our brains process thoughts like a computer – when we are inundated by negative information – because negativity sells – what is all that input really selling?


Here are some key things to remember….

A bad attitude produces bad results

A fair attitude produces fair results

A good attitude produces great results

Success breeds success – failure breeds failure.


What is needed is an “I CAN” attitude!

It sets a positive cycle in motion, and your faith and belief system programs your mental attitude of a winner! You will do what you need to do in order to succeed. You can be successful and get positive results.


Here are the Laws of Attitude:

I can attitude = positive faith and belief = massive action = positive results

I can’t attitude = fear of failure and unknown = avoidance behaviour = negative results


Success comes when you put yourself out there and on the line – a positive mental attitude is key!

The time to start planning is now – yesterday is gone – and tomorrow will be a result of what you think and do today… So when should you start? Well in the words of one my mentors….

“Now is good….”

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