Yellow cone.Are you feeling like you are stuck in a money rut?

Well here are some tips to help you get out of the potholes and start moving towards what you want…


  1. Stop the denial. Are you living within your means? If you are using credit cards for all your “extra” purchases each month, you must first recognize that you have a problem.
  2. Are you having a hard time getting started? Start with one area of your money, spending is a good place. Commit to a plan to save a certain amount each month or cut down on groceries or ‘miscellaneous items’.
  3. Keep a log of your progress. Write down your goal in a notebook. Keep a log of each day of what you spend… “Know Your Numbers” (KYN).
  4. Build on your small successes. Continue to take baby steps and set small goals.
  5. Reward yourself for meeting your goals. Give yourself a mental pat on the back. Put a gold star in your notebook every day you complete your goal. E-mail a friend and tell them you have been meeting your goals.
  6. Find a role model. Choose someone who has excelled at your goal and use her to motivate you. (wink!)
  7. Reading about your goal will help motivate you. Find a book about your goal. You can go the library and get a book for free. Find a blog about your goal. Read it daily.
  8. Think about the benefits of what you’re doing, not the negatives. Yes you are spending less, but you are saving money and moving closer to what you say you want. That is why it is important to have a plan. Remind yourself of the benefits of reaching your goal when you want to quit or when you don’t feel like starting in the first place.
  9. Use positive self-talk. If you notice yourself getting down again, be aware of how you’re talking to yourself. You may be telling yourself negative things. Consider whether you would tell a friend in your situation those same things. Talk positively to yourself. Encourage yourself as you would a good friend.
  10. Ask for help when you get discouraged. Call a friend or a family member. Call me! It doesn’t matter who you turn to, just reach out to someone you know will be supportive.


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