An investment is not truly an investment unless it appreciates in value…right? So if that’s true, aren’t you your biggest investment?

When you get on a plane and the flight attendant talks about the oxygen mask – who do they tell to put it on first? Right! YOU!

Listen – if you don’t take time for yourself, money doesn’t matter. Because you can have all the money that you need and yet still run around trying to make more and you are not going to be fulfilled. If you don’t have a plan for changing what doesn’t work in your life – then money isn’t going to solve it!

I get it – as women we can sacrifice our careers, and dreams, usually for our kids, husband, boyfriend, partners, and in more and more cases these days – our parents.

As women, we have been taught from an early age not to speak the truth – we watched our woman role models in the past…. “I’m okay – I’m fine”… “Oh that’s okay I don’t need to do/have/be ……”

How many of you are graduates from the University of MSU – ever heard of it? (Making stuff up)

We have limiting and empowering beliefs about money that began as notions or ideas that over time we have found supporting evidence to make them a certainty. But it’s time, time to figure it out if you are not where you want to be. You may have to get some support / mentorship / guidance / workshops – whatever it takes! You have to find your “MUST” place – that place deep down that is buried that wants to work less, have more playtime – make more money – have better health … and then you can create what you want.

Women who get ahead are those who religiously invest in themselves and they believe they have a unique contribution to the world. Can you think of someone? Oprah and Mother Teresa come to mind for me…

What’s keeping you from the results and the life you desire? What is the investment that you are willing to make to help nurture the wonderful gifts inside of you?

I want you to create an investment plan…and pledge the following to yourself…

“I promise to invest in myself, my most valuable resource…today! I will the nurture the gifts inside of me! By doing so I open myself up – to the opportunities the universe puts in my path…

Through this valuable investment time, I allow myself to enjoy, I permit playtime, I welcome exploration! I am a woman of worth!”

Everything is possible when you believe it is…We are all born with a purpose! Hold on to your dreams and your passions.

We must do unto “ourselves” as we do unto others!

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