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Is this you?

Looking at your holiday bills

wondering where you are going to

get the money to pay them?


 For many of us the holidays are a mad rush of not only spending too money, but it can also take it’s toll on our  time and energy.

Quite often we start the holiday season with anxiety
and end it in more debt.

It’s really no wonder when you think about how we are bombarded with all the advertising and pressures to spend more and do more.

 Well the best way to get through the holidays
and not have any anxiety or stress
is to have a plan.

That means understanding your past history, being clear of your expectations and then come up with a plan that balances your time, energy and money.

It’s not just about the money! We will look at your holiday spending history and you  will create what you want your perfect holiday to look like – both financially and emotionally.

I’ll help you create a plan that will help you achieve the goal of having a more balanced debt free holiday.

Money can be a very emotional topic for many people, if we don’t talk about it – then we don’t have to deal with it.

 I will help you plan out how you can achieve the goal of having a more balanced, meaningful, and debt free holiday.


Give yourself the gift of peace of mind….

as well as a debt-free January.



When: Monday October 29 – (recorded if you cannot make the call live)
               Monday November 5 – Follow up Live Q & A (recorded)

Your investment for a

financially sane holiday



You will recieve:

  • Downloadable MP3’s of both calls
  • Your own personal “Xmas by Design – Holiday Planner”
  • The happiest holiday you ever had!


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