Money Excuses and Lies …that stop you from achieving your goals and dreams

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Money Excuses and Lies

…that stop you from achieving your goals and dreams



Here’s the thing – excuses are nothing more than lies that we tell ourselves to make us feel better about our beliefs, choices, and actual results.


  • Excuses keep you from being in control.
  • They make you a victim instead of a victor.
  • You blame others or circumstances.

Do you want to take a no-excuse approach 

to your money & life? 

I’ll share with you the most common money excuses that people use for their financial hard luck.

  • You’ll learn what your excuses are really saying
  • I’ll show you how you can uproot excuse making
  • Teach you how to face the real issues behind the excuses
  • Discover the mother of all excuses

I believe that life is about making decisions, you make good decisions you will have a good life, and if you make bad decisions you experience an unpleasant life.

Very few excuses are based on actual reality, they are fictitious and self-made.
Not sure if you fit the criteria? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you feeling stuck when it comes to money?
  • Are your excuses keeping you from achieving more in your life?
  • Are you ready to move on and be and do and have everything that your heart desires?
  • Are you struggling personally or do you have a business that is stuck at a plateau and are looking for a way to make more money?

If your dreams are not matching your results then this could be the breakthrough you need. And if you haven’t created the success that you had hoped for, what are you waiting for? Don’t let your money lies and excuses keep you right where you are, or perhaps getting worse! No More Excuses!

Consider this: Your life right now is perfectly structured to create the results you already have, and it’s possibly not structured to create that amazing vision you had. If it were, you’d already have it! Success is predictable. Are you set up for success?

If you are saying; “It’s not the right time”, “I’m already …” or “I can’t because…” then this is a real indicator that you are using those excuses to avoid making a decision.

One thing I know about you is that you know you were meant to live your dream – you can feel it every day when you focus on what you really want.

My only question for you is always; “What do you want?”

Talk soon!


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Time: 7 pm – 9 pm

Cost: $25

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