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I am so excited to tell you about my Women and Money Seminar Series called;

Wine, Women and Wealth

These sessions are designed by a woman (me!), for women.

woman and piggybankI am creating a fun environment where you will enjoy even greater confidence with your finances by discovering the unique challenges that I find most women may face and what you can do today to better prepare for tomorrow; and still balance all other life’s needs and demands.

I am building a community of women who desire to take charge of their financial future, expand their knowledge, and build their confidence regarding money and wealth. Amazing things happen when women team up – especially when you add fine wine to the mix.  

Why did I choose to add wine? Well first; this is not about ‘whining’ it’s about celebrating ourselves as women.

To produce a good wine takes patience. Establishing a vineyard and bringing it to full production requires a Waitress in a vineyardlarge investment in money and a ‘labour of love’ for what you do.

A prosperous vineyard is the result of patience, an understanding of which vines are right for your soil / climate / etc. Once you plant the vines, they can take 3 years to start bearing fruit. If you get hit with a frost, pest plague, or if the vines simply aren’t a good match for your area, they can die off – meaning you start all over again.

Life is a reflection of producing a good wine.

The first step is to develop strong roots. The process involves losing leaves, not bearing fruit and dealing with the climate, temperature, and soil and planting conditions. (Life!)

You can spend thousands of dollars and they can take a minimum of 3 years to start bearing fruit. (This can be true for our investments or business growth.)

In the vineyard if you get hit with frost, pest plague, or if the vines simply aren’t a good match for your area, they can die off – meaning you start all over again.

If we lose our job, have a business that fails, have a disabling illness or get divorced; we also have to start again.

When the grapes are ideal, a classic wine is produced, sometimes right away, and sometimes it gets better with age.

When we set goals, have a plan of action and take precautions for the inevitable ‘speed bumps’ along the road, we attain wealth.

Wealth is different for everyone, but I believe the overall result we are all looking for is peace of mind and happiness.

I Provide Common Sense Answers and Solutions to Life’s Trials and Tribulations around Finances.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle with money all the time.

If you feel somewhat insecure when it comes to finances, you are not alone. Nearly 80% of women feel somewhat financially insecure.

Wine, Women and Wealth is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

The most surprising thing I’ve learned in working with women and their money issues is that the feeling of insecurity has nothing to do with their level of income, education or lifestyle. Most women simply have not had access to the knowledge they need in order to stand on their own two financial feet.

It’s not your fault. You are where you are based on what you have done with your experience and knowledge so far.


Like Maya Angelou says; “When you know better, you do better”


How many of you have read the books and the magazines and are still in the same place as you were before you read it?

If we don’t understand something, our natural instinct is either to close our eyes and hope it all works out (or better yet, goes away!), or turn it over to someone else and hope they have our best interests at heart. You’ve probably noticed that neither method increases your sense of security or confidence.

bag ladyUnfortunately, when it comes to finances, ‘hoping’ without knowledge and action does not lead to our financial security. It mostly leads to quite the opposite and that’s why almost 50% of women hold the fear that they could become a bag lady.

You no longer have to fear becoming a bag lady!

I am 100% certain that every woman is capable of standing on her own two financial feet.

Why am I so absolutely positive?

Because after working with women in all kinds of different financial situations – from being debt-ridden to those who are successful – I know that when women stand up for themselves and make the commitment to change their relationship with money, they are well on their way to financial freedom.

 Is this you?

• You love to laugh and learn with women.

• You break into a sweat every time money or investing is mentioned.

• You understand that you can have fun and learn important information at the same time.

• Some part of you knows that this area of your life needs attention but you have no idea where to start.

• You have a secret fear that you will run out of money.

• You are widowed or divorced.

• You really like the wine part.

If you nodded “yes” to any of these statements, then Women, Wealth and Wine is the perfect evening out for you!

Maybe you have a friend who could also use a night out as well as some help with her finances. Bring her along. I promise the evening will be relaxed, informative and enjoyable.

I bring not only my knowledge of money working for 16 years as a financial advisor, but my own experience, failures, mistakes, divorces and choices that sometimes did not serve me very well.

My gift to you is paying it forward to help you learn not only from my own mistakes but from hundreds of others that I have helped renew their confidence with their finances and their lives.

It all starts with this engaging and informative evening:

Wine, Women, Wealth

winelogofinalbigJoin me for an evening of invaluable information. Get away for a few hours, sip on a glass of wine and celebrate your greatness where ever you are in your life right now.

By attending Wine, Women and Wealth;

You will learn:

• How to identify some of your limiting beliefs about money.

• How to have a plan and take action – despite your fears!

• Why women can be better investors than men.

• Why complacency is NOT a financial strategy and how it can do more harm than good.

• Simple steps and strategies you can take to feel more competent and confident with your money and your life.

 80% of all women will be forced to manage their own finances at some point in their lives; you might as well start right now!

I designed these Women and Money Seminars to be an easy and enjoyable for women who want to grow their financial “smarts”!

 Wine, Women and Wealth

 Women everywhere I go have been telling me that they want to learn about “this money stuff.” I get that. But I also get that you need it to be understandable.  

The challenge here is to stop believing all of the limiting ‘self-talk’ that has kept you from acting on your own behalf, to stop listening to the voices in your head that say you can’t do it. That pattern will only result in staying frozen.

Imagine how great it will feel to be able to explain financial concepts to your children and friends, possibly saving them from costly financial errors.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when you tell them you started expanding your financial knowledge while sipping on a glass of wine – while laughing with your friends at a ladies night out called Women, Wealth and Wine!

Give yourself the gift of a new relationship to money and finances.

Like a fine wine, women get better with knowledge and self-care.



Next event coming soon!




Invite a friend to come with you to

Wine, Women and Wealth and

commit to a new financial future together!


See you soon!




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