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Here is the Show Stopper Deal for you for my 

Couples and Money Tele-class Workshop!


Would you like to improve your financial situation and relationship?

Do you and your partner argue about money?  Is there financial tension in your relationship?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, read on…

couple and money


Would you like to discuss money with your partner and other issues in a more relaxed, cooperative way? Want to reduce tension? Learn about your own and your partner’s money management style? Come to a meeting of the minds (without crashing into one another) about financial decisions?

Too many couples suffer needlessly when discussing money together and money, so not surprisingly it is a major contributor to divorce. I know how hard it is and so in response, I have created this money workshop for couples to teach couples how to talk with one another effectively about money.

This is an easy going workshop for couples

who want to learn and grow together.

Don’t let money divide you! Learn ways to talk that encourage good communication and closeness.iStock_000000551118XSmall Many couples agree one of the most problematic areas of their relationship is the topic of money. I can’t tell you the number of couples that have told me, “Our relationship is great in every department, except money. We just can’t talk too long about money before getting into an argument.”

If this statement is true for you and your partner, then join me for this online workshop. If you are like many couples, you dread talking about money.  You don’t want to risk getting into an argument so you avoid it as long as possible.  This means stress builds up over time as each of you are at least partially in the dark about finances.

It’s tough because there’s so much stress and yet you know you both would feel better if you had clarity about how you are creating financial security together. Or maybe you are both willing to talk about money, but you each find yourself making a case for your own way of managing money.  You get caught defending your own beliefs and you are unable to work effectively as financial teammates.

The Couples Money Workshop will:

  • Transform the way you think, feel, and act around money – giving you peace, confidence
  • Teach you how to earn, spend and invest more powerfully and effectively
  • Put you solidly on the path to financial independence – the envied position of only working because you want to

How Does The Couples Money Workshop Do This?

In this ground breaking workshop, you will learn a 6 step process that will enable you to:

  • Value the past – gain a deeper understanding of how your past has created your beliefs, assumptions & attitudes—and your patterns, habits and behaviours around money—and how all of this has contributed to your present financial situation
  • Get real about the present – identify exactly how much money is coming into and out of your life in the present, and what this means in terms of your life energy
  • Choose your future – define what financial freedom means for you and discover what is your “enough”
  • Spend consciously – learn a very powerful and profound process for bringing a high level of consciousness to your spending
  • Earn powerfully – learn the keys to maximizing your core income and supplementary income
  • Invest wisely – distill the criteria to look for in your investments that will have your money work powerfully for you, reduce your anxiety about your financial future and get you to financial independence faster
  • Go the distance – learn how to put what you’ve learned in the workshop into physical existence in your life – a structure that, in the months and years that follow, will keep you on the path toward financial independence

Through The Couples and Money Workshop You Will:

  • Change your mindset…
  • Examine your relationship with money, discover your hidden attitudes towards money and where they have come from, and challenge your beliefs about money
  • Realize what is behind your money habits and be empowered to change your habits to immediately to give you the experience of greater freedom around money
  • Experience the comfort of knowing what financial independence looks like for you and gain confidence in how you are going to get there
  • Become empowered and real around your money…
  • Realize how your feelings and emotions drive how and why you spend money
  • Learn to both earn and spend money in a way that will move you more quickly towards financial independence while being aligned to your values –what is truly important for you
  • Create an empowering context for your work and learn how to choose work that supports an ideal income and a life you love

Couple paying bills

After the workshop, you will be in a whole new place around money – how you feel about it, how you spend it and how you earn it.

You will experience less anxiety – whether your anxiety is about your spending, your debt, your investments … or just about money generally.

You can expect to spend less – following the workshop most people can expect to reduce their spending by around 20 % without experiencing any reduction in their quality of life.

What this workshop isn’t:

The Couples and Money Workshop is not a “get rich quick” workshop. It is, however, a course about creating your own financial freedom and independence.

There are a lot of people around who make a lot of money but aren’t actually wealthy. They may look wealthy, drive expensive cars, go on expensive holidays, live in expensive houses … but if you take away their job their lives would look very different.

On the other hand there are other people who have achieved real wealth – independence from their job. They work solely because they want to. And if at any time they want to do something different, they can – without changing their lifestyle. This could be you!

This workshop will put you on the path towards freedom like that looks like that: financial independence – the place where you do not need to work for money. And it will do it without even having to change employer, change jobs, or earn more than you’re earning now.


couple with piggy bank

The Couples Money Workshop provides the perfect structure for couples who want to

recreate their financial future together.

Money is one of the leading causes of relationship breakdown. This workshop will give you and your partner a new place from which to consider your finances, get on the same page and together work towards a financial future that you both love. And it will be an opportunity for money to become a source of greater connection with your partner rather than a cause of stress and conflict.

Here’s what you will get:

  • My 6-step proven system taught over 4 live, 60-minute teleclasses.
  • Participate live so you can immediately start putting into practice what you learn.
  • You will also receive MP3 recordings of each teleclass, in case you need to miss one.
  • You will also receive downloadable Worksheets for each step of the process.

Your investment  in your relationship with money and your partner:


West Coast Women’s Show Special 



save $100

until Midnight March 3!

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 Workshop Training Schedule:

Couples and Money Tele-series dates are all

at 6 PM PDT/ 9 PM EDT and 60-75 minutes:

Call 1: Mon March 18

Call 2: Wed March 20

Call 3: Mon March 25

Call 4: Wed March 27

The workshop is very practical, and effective.

You will get right down to work on the nuts and bolts of your financial situation, and learn practical techniques to change your financial course.

After the workshop, you will be in a whole new place around money – how you spend it, how you earn it and how you invest it.

You will experience less anxiety – whether your anxiety is about your spending, your debt, your investments or just about money generally – and more freedom!


West Coast Women’s Show Special


until Midnight March 3!


 Register and Payment Options Below



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