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Meet Shari…a ‘Money Relationship Specialist’

In my experience most people do not have a great relationship with their money. Well they do – but it so many cases it is a totally dysfunctional one. When do I get the phone calls? When you are forced to deal with it – due to divorce, death, birth of children, debt overload or change in employment. In other words we don’t pay attention to it until we are in extreme, life changing circumstances and we have no choice. Until this time, we will keep supporting this dysfunctional relationship because we are afraid, ashamed, we fear failing and worst of all that it will reveal all our weaknesses. In the end it becomes far easier to ignore the issues all together. But the longer we ignore it – the worse it gets and then we fear that it is too late to even try.(read more…)


Money/Success Coaching

Whether I am helping you create a strong financial future in your personal or business life, or helping you find balance in your life with money, this will be a powerful partnership that will empower, shift and change your relationship with money. If you are ready to take your dreams, desires and goals to the next level, then I invite you to explore a coaching program with me as a strategy to get from where you are to where you want to be.(read more…)


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