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winelogofinalbig When: Monday October 21

Where: Lucky’s Liquor Store / Country Club Centre

Time: 6:30 pm

Cost: $25 (Includes wine and appies)


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Piggy Bank Couples and falling Money

Question? Does money give you sexual charisma or does your sexual charisma attract money?

One of the books that I always recommend to read is Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’. He writes about the close connection between the sex drive and the ability to make money citing Napoleon Bonaparte, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and Abraham Lincoln amongst others as outstanding achievers who also had a well-documented highly sexual nature. Hill calls this ‘The Mystery of Sex Transmutation’. The key is to take this huge sexual energy and to transmute it into wealth creating activity.

I tend to agree that when we run our businesses through our passion we are far more likely to deliver profit than ones that run through a pure money motive. According to ancient wisdom the base chakra (which governs money making) and the sex chakra are closely linked… It follows that if you activate one you will also energize the other. Enamoured couple having fun lying on bed

Here’s what one gal had to say about that… “I know the more money I have, the more sex I get. The more sex I get the more money I make. I am convinced it’s because when you feel good, you feel confident and everything in your life turns to gold. Money creates confidence, nothing better than going out into town knowing you’ve just closed a massive deal. Then people buzz around you like honey. It’s all in your mind set of course, but let’s face it money and getting lots of sex creates that mind-set so naturally the cycle continues.”

Money worries aren’t good for your libido, and keeping your mind out of bills, what you’ll eat tomorrow to be able to concentrate on yourself only is one of the keys to great sex. Rich people probably don’t have to worry about much; if they are successful they certainly delegated a lot of their daily lives, leaving a lot of space in their brain to be good at business, and well, sex.

I believe that for all that we desire around sexual pleasure and financial abundance, we also live in a world that teaches deep shame and dis-empowerment around both. They are the 2 subjects that are taboo….sex and money… ssshhh! And I know for certain through all my coaching that this social programming can go quite deep… and it keeps us in the dark around these 2 most important personal areas in our lives.

Wealth PlanningJoin me and Lesley Stedmon…*Spark Igniter Sex Coach*

We are going to shine a light on both of these taboo areas.

Do you want to empower yourself around sex and created an extraordinary sexual life.

Do you want to empower yourself around money and create more of it than you’ve imagined?

Learn to how to do sex and money DIFFERENTLY. It’s about learning to live with more freedom, more choices, more playfulness, more pleasure, more intimacy, and more vulnerability. Maybe it’s time to release the guilt you have about your own desires. Sexual energy is in everything you do…nurture it, you can use that creative energy every day in your business, with your family, and your interactions with others.

See, people who have frequent sex tend to be happier, have higher self-esteem, better reasoning ability and are less likely to be depressed. Other research has found that workers with health problems tend to make less money due to limited productivity and in some cases, discrimination. loving profits concept

So to recap: More sex makes you healthier and happier. And happy, healthy people tend make more money.

This is going to be good!

We will provide you with tips, strategies and tools to help you change your habits, patterns and limiting believes around sex and money.

See you there!




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