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My goal? To make money easy. I work with you to help you plan and build a healthy relationship with money. I know that you have different priorities, depending where you are. Are you are stubbornly resisting doing what you know needs to be done? Do you present to the world confidence and competence, but inside you have unknown influence that prevents you from doing what you need to do when it comes to your money?

Money Coaching

I’m committed to showing women how to not be afraid of their finances.  Money is meant to be fun and when you learn to overcome your financial anxieties, you’ll discover how empowering and fun money can be.  I provide one-on-one Money Coaching to help you break through your financial barriers and create a better relationship with your money. One of the main goals for this course is to change your money mindset which will allow you to be more aware and able to create the big picture when it comes to your relationship with money.

Maximum Money Momentum

Maximum Money Momentum Why a book on setting goals from a financial advisor? What I’ve come to realize after sitting down with hundreds of people is, “It’s not about the money!” What it’s really about is discovering your passion, and setting goals based on your own personal dreams. Then, the success comes easily. Though, we have to be prepared to discipline ourselves, to focus on what we want, and then take consistent action to get there. That’s when the magic happens, and life gets so much easier.




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