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Did you know that prosperity starts with knowing what you want! Is money important .. YES! But if you don’t know what you want then how will you know when you get there?  Send me an email to request a Free Copy of my book- “Maximum Money Momentum” I show you how to set goals to achieve success!ebookcover-lg 

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Annemarie R
Money Momentum is a Genuine Gift to Yourself After taking this workshop with Shari, I have a much better financial mindset. I have a sense of support and heightened awareness of financial interests. Money Momentum was a strong part of an overall change in perspective, attitudes, and effort towards my financial well-being. Shari’s workshop has given me new daily habits that support my endeavours. Money Momentum is a genuine gift to yourself; it is a ‘pattern interrupt’ of unsupportive personal behaviours and attitudes, and there is follow-up support so you can stay on track.
Annemarie R

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