Cashflow Mastery Program

Humans are creatures of habit. If you’ve got money issues, chances are you’ve had them your whole life.

And if you don’t do something drastic to transform them, you’ll keep making the same foibles over and over.

Luckily now more than ever, people are waking up to the idea that there’s an emotional component to money. It’s high time to take the blindfold off and get real about your finances.

It’s time to clean up your old money junk, heal those old money wounds & start feeling GOOD about money, so you can make & KEEP more cash. I can show you how.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a start-up business owner, an entrepreneur or an employee, you can break free of your unconscious self-sabotaging money habits, gain control of your relationship with money and discover how easy it can be to get a strong grip on your finances – for good.

Cashflow Mastery shows you how.

I am sharing all my secrets to having a better relationship with money. 

I reveal how you can treat your money issues from the inside out, so you stop the self-sabotage and forge an exciting, fresh relationship with your cash

In Cashflow Mastery, I teach you how to…

$ Predict your financial future – Want to know how much money you’ll have at the end of the month? I’ve got you covered!!

$ Track your money, easily & effortlessly (and without having to learn tons of new technology or jargon).

$ Avoid those end-of-the month, OMG-I’m-broke! meltdowns with my easy-peasy formula for adjusting your spending

$ Pinpoint your emotional triggers that lead to overspending (and the dreaded impending post-spree guilt – we’ve all been there!)

$ Peel back the veil, so you clearly see exactly where your money is going (& can stop feeling shocked when you look at your bank statement every month!)

$ Create LIFE-CHANGING money breakthroughs using a few simple mindset shifts (seriously!)

Here’s What’s Inside Cashflow Mastery:

$  FOUR JAM-PACKED MODULES: I teach my complete system for effortlessly creating a cash flow plan for your future & gift you the crème de la crème in money strategies, resources, services & contacts to help you navigate your way to riches!

$ E-BOOK “Maximum Money Momentum” – to help you make fantastic decisions and take easy steps to feel really, truly satisfied with your life & pocketbook

And this is what you’ll walk away with…

$ All your money beliefs identified – the good, the bad and the ugly!

$ An awe-inspiring sense that anything is possible (because with your new ability to think bigger, it is!)

$ Knowing how to set BOUNDARIES in all areas of your life – including spending

$ The “Big Lie” you’ve been telling yourself about money, revealed

COMPASSION for yourself & freedom to let yourself off the hook for old money mishaps

$ All your crippling shame & guilt around money healed from the inside out, once & for all!



This program covers both the practical & emotional blocks to money.

I believe it’s how you FEEL about money that keeps you from having more. Seriously. Hear me out. It’s your MONEY BELIEFS that keep you from seeing all the abundance that’s already at your fingertips and prevent you from breaking old patterns.

Luckily, you CAN change how you think and feel about money. And when you do? Your finances will transform before your very eyes! I know people don’t always like to dig into their “stuff” – especially when it comes to money. Our money memories can be extremely painful. But it’s VITAL if you want to create a new relationship with the almighty dollar.

If you don’t, chances are you’re going to make the same snafus over & over & keep yourself stuck in financial limbo.

That’s what my Cashflow Mastery Program is all about – giving you the skills and tools you need to make and create sustainable change – right now!

(This could be the experience that changes your life & money situation forever!)

I believe that the key to your success is doing work behind-the-scenes. What I mean is you’ve gotta get clear about your true values, and explore down to the core of your financial attitudes and beliefs in order to experience true wealth & prosperity. And if you don’t?

In my experience, failure in managing money leads to a plethora of horrible things: stress, depression, unhappiness, relationship failures and lack of self-confidence, to name  a few.

Fixing your finances isn’t  JUST about money – it’s about your HEALTH.

And that’s something you definitely need to take ownership of, right? Not only will you learn how to show money who’s boss, Cashflow Mastery will also aid you in truly understanding what’s important to you in life & how to confidently take action giving up blame & excuses for good. I teach you strategies for managing your financial life with pleasure and excitement – kicking money stress to the curb! Would you like to manage your finances with pleasure instead of anxiety? Of course you would!

Then what you need to do is create wealth in ways that are compatible with your values and beliefs (so making change feels good), and implement a practical, easy-to-follow saving & spending strategy to keep more of in your pocket.

Despite what many people wrongly believe, accumulating wealth has nothing to do with luck, being born into riches or working a sleazy, slimy job.

It’s about OWNING your mind, your attitude, your feelings about money and your feelings about yourself.

Your relationship with money is probably the most complicated relationship you have – and it can control your life if you don’t show it who’s boss.

Why this program WILL work:

Why am I so confident that I can coach you to create major money (& life) breakthroughs?

Because I used to be where you are now – and now I’m living a financially and spiritually abundant life. Seriously.

Would you believe it if I told you I’m actually EXCITED to get my bank statements every month, and feel grateful while paying bills?

It’s true. I wasn’t always this way. I used the very system I teach in Cashflow Mastery to revolutionize my relationship with money.

And today I have more financial independence and freedom than I ever imagined!

Here’s my story: As a single mother, I didn’t have it easy. At one point I had to go on welfare & sell anything I had that was worth a cent – just to put a hot meal on the table. Nobody would give me a credit card, and I had to carry the abysmal shame of not being able to provide nice new things for my children like their friends were getting.  It was embarrassing and there was a lot of guilt. They missed more vacations, sports activities and opportunities than I even want to remember. But I didn’t let this time of financial despair destroy me. I was definitely a damsel-in-distress, but I didn’t sit around, twiddling my thumbs & waiting for a white knight to save me. I realized I had to get this money stuff under control myself if I ever wanted true financial security. So, I started learning. I worked with a mentor and  with her guidance, SO many things came to light. I learned the same mind-blowing simple but seriously effective strategies I teach in Cashflow Mastery. I (begrudgingly at first) dove into my money wounds, and all the other negative beliefs I never even knew I had. And? My world shifted. I was also working in the financial services industry as an advisor and then a trainer. This was invaluable for me to be immersed in the very field that I needed the most help in. To date the biggest, most transformative lesson I learned was how to quit making excuses & stop neglecting myself. I discovered I am my most important investment. And of course I got a practical education in money management, too. So when the coinage started rushing in, I knew what to do it with, when and why. In short: I’ve been there, I’ve lived it, and I know it will work for you, too..

Here’s a sneak peek inside:

1. Start designing your life around your TRUE VALUES.

What do I mean by true values? Values are the things you do that you find very attractive, an emotional state that you feel is very important. When you are engaged in these activities you feel most like yourself: in touch with who you are, glowing and life is effortless. This is the foundation to your fulfillment. Orient your life around your true values and everything else falls into place.

Don’t live your life for your true values and everything can collapse like a house of cards. In this module you’ll learn:

  • Your foundational true values – the things that make you most come alive!
  • Guide you through the one shift that will change the way you do EVERYTHING in life (you’ll discover how EASY it is to feel engaged, focused and excited – even about money!)

Once you’ve got your core values on lock, everything else falls into place. Just watch.

2. What is your money personality? Like most things in life, your response to money is largely dictated by your personality. But did you know you also have a ‘money personality’, and every single action you take – not just when it comes to money either – dictates your bottom line? Crazy but true! In this module:

  • UNCOVER your money personality (it just may shock you)
  • UNDERSTAND  how you can leverage your unique relationship with cash to create a personalized approach to spending, saving and investing that’ll actually work FOR YOU!

Getting clear about your money personality is CRUCIAL to financial bliss. Trust me, I’ve been there!  

3. My STEP-BY-STEP formula to Break Free of the Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back from achieving Wealth and Prosperity! When you know who you are (as we discover in weeks one and two), you’ll also figure out exactly what you want. And when you know what you want, you open yourself up to possibility of choice and you’re able to choose the path that’s right for you. In this module:

  • Identify the money beliefs you’ve unconsciously formed throughout your life and how they’ve unknowingly been affecting your finances for years.
  • Teach you to trust and honor yourself in a way that positively contributes to your bottom line
  • Delve deep into how you can fatten up your wallet by DEMOLISHING the negative nellies in your mind beating you down.


4. Simple Strategies to manage your money and spending habits, how to love budgeting and the rules of credit and debt.

Are you the kind of person who has an ‘eyes-wide-shut’ approach to finances? Do you thoughtlessly throw money down on big ticket items and just simply cross your fingers, silently praying your card won’t get declined? Have you (delusionally) convinced yourself everything’s going to be “alright” – even though it send shivers up your spine every time your phone rings or you get another bill in the mail? I’m not judging. I know I lived that way for years! In Module Four, it’s time to face your fear. After we’ve laid all the mindset groundwork, we take the blindfold off and GET REAL CLEAR about your spending. We discover EXACTLY where your money is going every month – and how you can get the most bang for your buck, painlessly.

In this module, we:

  • DIVE INTO A SIMPLE 5 BANK ACCOUNT SYSTEM that’s one of the easiest ways to beef up your bottom line – you’ve definitely never heard this one before!
  • Discover easy as pie wealth building tips and techniques that’ll strategically wake you up from your money coma and provide valuable insight about your spending habits (so you can KEEP more of your hard earned cash!)

In the Cashflow Mastery Audio Program: I understand I will receive…

  • Shari’s complete system for effortlessly creating a cash flow plan for my future

  • The FOUR LIFE-CHANGING modules listed above, delivered in 8 MP3 downloads

  • E-BOOK “Maximum Money Momentum” ( On Goal Setting)

Inspired by my friend Gemma….

March 30,2020….In this time of insanity I have to say how much I appreciate what you did for Karen and I so many years ago now. So many people are stressing over finances and we are not. What you do for people and their money is nothing short of a miracle. Best birthday gift ever! Love you and I think of you every time I open my budget, which is daily! 😘 ~ Gemma Finn

Original Investment for this Program in 2013 was $297 – but I want to give back in these tough times of this pandemic – so I am pleased to offer for $97 …and if that is too hard for you, and really want to do this…then please call me at 250-751-9837 and we can work something out. 😉❤

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To your success,





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