Are You Ready To Get Financially Naked With Your Partner?

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Are you ready to get financially naked with your partner? 

Are you doing it with your partner?

…. Talking money of course!


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Did you know that financial pressure is the #1 stressor for 80% of couples?

Are you tired of the same old fight with your partner about money? Can you imagine the different future that’s possible when you and your spouse are on the same “money” page? Then it’s time to get financially naked with your partner!

couple with bills

Do you start wondering about your household money facts and encounter resistance?

Your partner says that there’s nothing to worry about it; “I have it under control!”

Do you let your partner handle all the finances?


It’s time to do it with your partner!

And size doesn’t matter – it’s financial

compatibility that counts. I will share the upside of talking money with your partner.


Knowledge is power and I will show you how to start the money talk that will bring

you closer by creating an open mutual vision for your financial future.


The way we earn, spend, and save money is a real-world expression of our most fundamental beliefs.

When our priorities are out of sync, money can become the great divide in an otherwise well balanced relationship.

By working together toward financial freedom, money can stop being a source of conflict and become a way to express our highest values, while providing comfort and security to those we love most.


Find out if you are financially compatible with your

partner and test your money marriage skills.

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Join me for this one hour teleclass where I will give you tips, and strategies to

improve your money relationship with your partner!

When: Thursday February 28th

Time: 6:30 – 7:30 pm Pacific




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